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Great Lakes Copper Ltd. manufactures seamless copper tube in level wound coils (LWC) with various pack sizes, manufactured to ASTM B743 regulations. A LWC is a large continuous tube wound in layers for practical unwinding as required for long-length applications. The LWC tube OD's can be variable, depending on the size and quantity requested.

Tube Type Standard Application Temper Hard Temper
Straight Various* Domestic water service and distribution, solar, fuel/fuel oil, natural gas, liquefied petroleum (LP) gas, HVAC, snow melting x x
Coiled ASTM
Refrigeration or air conditioning x x
*B-68, B-75, B-743, B-111

LWCs can be produced with or without reels and coil diameters can be customized to meet your requirements.

Industrial products offered by Great Lakes Copper Ltd. also include straight lengths and commercial coils.  These products are available as customized orders.


Customized tube dimensions and tube lengths make up the Industrial side of Great Lakes Copper Ltd. If there is a specification to meet in your application, Great Lakes Copper Ltd. will be pleased to make it for you.





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