Refrigeration coils and straight lengths are manufactured to the highest standards. We can support the industrial demands and supply the quality materials required to build optimal and durable ACR systems.

Great Lakes Copper Ltd. uses a modern, environmentally friendly, aqueous degreasing system to achieve the ASTM B 280 cleanliness limit of less than 0.0035 g/sq. ft on interior surfaces. After degreasing, the straight lengths are deburred, purged with nitrogen and then capped to retain cleanliness specs.

Copper is second only to silver as a thermal conductor. Copper ACR tube in coils or straight lengths remains the preferred choice by industries that are manufacturing refrigeration systems used in air conditioning units for residential and commercial buildings. ACR systems are also found in cold storage applications in grocery stores, air conditioning services and chemical and food processing - just to mention a few.

ACR systems can be found in cold storage applications such as grocery store refrigeration systems, air conditioning services, chemical and food processing among others.


To meet the demand of a growing need for air conditioning systems in residential areas, Great Lakes Copper Ltd. degreased and capped ACR tube is ideal.


For applications exceeding the demand of residential installations, Great Lakes Copper Ltd. provides a complete selection of sizes to satisfy cooling demands whether big or small.


We can provide quantity with quality for large-scale facilities, storage or chemical processing air conditioning systems.

*Aqueous Degreasing - A water-based cleaner designed to remove oil and other contaminants while protecting the copper surface.


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